Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"I'm going for a reddie tonight"

I know soccer is the sport of American champions only during the World Cup Finals, but this new penalty card idea for heavy drinkers sounds too rich to pass up:

A yellow card [which sanctions alcohol from being served to the recipient for a specific period of time] is shown to imbibers who may be heading towards trouble during a night at the pub, while a red card removes them from the bar.

Patrons who leave with "good grace" are entitled to return another time and present their red card for a free drink, Robertson said.
I doubt that any policy would eliminate their target "obnoxious, loud or messy" populace that frequents bars, but the red card would give a good incentive to leave when someone's had enough and return again the next night for another round. Hell, that would be a fun game.

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