Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Calvin, Hobbes, and Teaching

I was reminiscing about my childhood (hence, the childhood label at the bottom of the post) and recalled one of my favorite perpetual memories: reading my Calvin and Hobbes collections in the quiet of my bedroom. What I loved most about the stories was Calvin's vivid imagination and the adventures he undertook with his trusty tiger Hobbes. He made his interactions with the ennui of the real world lively and fantastic, vivid and beautiful, as if polishing a rusted gem. His drawings of dinosaurs in rocket ships were unappreciated by his weary teacher, Miss Wormwood, mainly because of Calvin always drawing them during class.

I tore up a student's drawing today and realized that all these years later and I've gone and turned into Miss Wormwood! At least the picture wasn't of any dinosaurs in rocket ships.

(Images: Calvin and Hobbes)

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