Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Week, Second Time Around

I engage a first period who fights to awaken instead of passively submits to sleep. I tutor a second period composed of 6 students. I welcome a third period that is eager to read science prompts aloud. I ease into a fourth period filled with competition for the higher grade. I eat lunch. I rest after lunch during my prep fifth period. I challenge a sixth period to learn how to read.

So this is what teaching is like.


Me: "Alright, which lab safety rule did you choose, Sagur?"

Him: "...on-only...use... mat... mat..."

Me: "Materials."

Him: "...mateereels... give-given... by... the... teacher."

Me: "Great, Sagur. Now, what could you draw that would show you breaking that rule?"


Me: "...wait what?"

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