Monday, January 01, 2007

Change in the New Year

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Change is healthy. It’s important to continually change one’s perspective in life, to never fixate on one particular method of living. Even small changes can add up and allow for a different experience and with it another take on the surrounding diversity of people and places.

For example, throughout college I’ve never lived in the same place for longer than 10 months. I reside currently in my 7th room on campus. This is a direct consequence of my work in the halls, yes, but well appreciated; it’s a good reminder for me to change my daily lifestyle at least twice a year, be that through new routes to campus, new eateries off campus, and new communities replete with new neighbors and coworkers. I get to sample more of Berkeley each passing season with the slightest of changes, and with it I’ve accrued a more multi-faceted perspective of life that acts to my benefit in understanding the world.

The New Year is all about change. There’s not a whole lot different today, January 1st, from yesterday, December 31st. There’s still war and disaster mixed in with a lot of old-fashioned hope.

But it’s as good a time as any to resolve to embrace change. I’m going to post a short outline of a few things I’m striving for in 2007, and I’d love for readers to share their own, either here or through different media, be it public or private.

1) Reading and Writing

I need to start reading. Textbooks included. While Teach For America is still up in the air (1 more week!), if I do begin teaching in the fall I will have to go through California’s credentialing process, meaning lots of reading in and of itself.

However, I do need to actively learn more while I’m at Cal, but not just with respect to my classes. I’m still fairly sheltered from a lot of classical literature, and I’m hoping to change that. Reading a few good books from the past would afford me a better understanding of how others understand and have understood human nature and how we relate with one another, and would also give me added insight into the art of writing.

Additionally, I’m looking into that new blogging decal, as I hope to be writing here with higher frequency in the months ahead, and to take in all I can about writing and communication.

2) Cooking

I need to learn how to cook. End of story.

Another decal I’m stalking: Basic Cooking. There’s not a whole lot of course information on that page, so if anyone’s taken it yet, how is the class?

3) Health

Cooking is tied in with my future health, when I sadly say goodbye to delicious cafeteria food, but until then I’m looking forward to emphasizing my health this year. Regardless of school or stress, I’ll be frequenting the gym a few times a week. Promise to goodness.

4) Drinking

Because alcohol is just a way to be extra healthy. I’m interested in searching out new bars and pubs around Berkeley and elsewhere, with old friends and intentions to make new ones. Share your favorites so I can check them out!

5) Friends and Acquaintances

Considering this is my last semester in Berkeley and at Cal, I would like to focus on the relationships I have and strengthening them before exeunt seniors. This resolution complements any of the above, so if you’d like to discuss books, cook, work out, or drink to excess, you know how to reach me!

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