Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Smart Students

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One cannot argue with the supreme logic found on facebook discussion boards. Here are some choice quotes made by our UC brothers and sisters down in LA:

"Cops are trained to be dicks. Go figure." --'06 Graduate

"BTW, Iranian Student Group and many others are having a PROTEST FRIDAY NOON KERCKHOFF STEPS. spread the word if you don't want to get tasered next time you do anything." -- Senior


"One of my favorite things about UCLA, I used to tell people, was how safe it was. Looks like I was wrong." -- Senior

How terribly wrong you were. Indeed, tasering comes before all else.

"This was a clear cut case of civil disobedience. Saying that the "cops did their" job or an equivalent is like saying "I'm glad those British officers beat the shit out of Gandhi and his crew for taking salt out of a fucking lake" or "I'm glad those police officers hosed down blacks and released dogs on MLK's crew for marching"." -- Senior

Thank you, taser victim, for being a martyr for STUDENT ID RIGHTS!

"I would feel safe at UCLA if cops weren't scared to death of Middle Easterners."

"On the flip side, I do believe Tabatabeinejad was foolish for refusing to show identification. But then again, an officer was asked for his name and badge number, and when he refused, nobody tasered him." -- Freshman

Honestly, who knew he was a police officer? Anyone could've worn that uniform and fully-equipped utility belt and radio.

But this has to be my personal favorite:

"You can here the negro [officer] saying... "Get up or I'll taze you again" in the negro gangster accent. He can't be treating this like Compton, this is UCLA." -- Junior Scumbag Piece of Shit

I propose we tase THESE students multiple times. How about it?

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