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*UPDATED 9/28/10: additional entries added* 

**UPDATED 12/5/10: I've decided to make this post my official Eduwonk link page, so I will continue to update this with relevant links to all debates I've encountered**

Exciting debates ensue on Eduwonk.  I've probably posted there this summer more than I've ever posted here, so I'll just go ahead and link to the notable debates and "debates" (in order, oldest first):

7/24/09: Education’s Moon Shot Or Race To The Annenberg? (standardized tests, ed schools)
8/7/09: If the Race to the Top were the Olympics... (Teach For America)
8/17/09: Do teacher need education degrees? (ed schools)
8/25/09: Reinventing Ed Courses 1: What courses? (ed schools)
8/29/09: Help Wanted (testing)
10/19/09: More DC (Rhee and DCPS)
10/29/09: Mad Members (irony)

1/22/10: Brown Out ("teacher bashing")
1/29/10: Stiff Cup of Joe ("teacher bashing", professional development)
1/30/10: LA Confidential ("teacher bashing")
2/2/10: Say Anything? ("teaching to the test")
3/9/10: Randi V. Rhee ("teacher bashing")
4/17/10: Cardinal Sin? ("teaching to the test")
7/26/10: Teach For America And The Problem Of Study Laundering (Teach For America)
8/5/10: Unmasking the “Blame the Teacher” Crowd ("teacher bashing", professional development)
8/6/10: DC-CAS Test Scores and Rhee (Rhee and DCPS)
8/10/10: KIPP and Catholic Schools (KIPP, charter schools, white supremacy!)
8/18/10: If Irony Were Bread... (unions)
8/19/10: LA Confidential? (standardized testing)
8/25/10: Good Reading – Now With More Polls! ("student bashing", Daily Howler)
8/27/10: Whole Lotta News! (Rhee and DCPS, reform)
8/30/10: Adding Value? (Rhee and DCPS, value added, Teach For America, UTeach)
9/7/10:  Expecting What Never Was And Never Will Be?   (Rhee and DCPS, racism!)
9/8/10:  Five Ideas, And A DC Round-up (Rhee and DCPS, evaluations)
9/15/10:  Eduimplications! (Rhee and DCPS, "teacher bashing", value added)
9/16/10:  Rhee-Assessing (Rhee and DCPS, evaluations, unions, Teach For America, teacher prep)
9/23/10:  The Value In Value Added (value added, evaluations, testing)
9/27/10: Candor ("teacher bashing")
10/7/10: Superman Is Here? I'm Not So Sure... (Rhee and DCPS)
10/8/10: Clipper Joint? (evaluations, "teacher bashing")
10/12/10: Show Them The Money (charter schools)
10/15/10: Two Sides Of The Dep’t Ed “Labor Summit” (unions, Rhee and DCPS)
10/21/10: Irony Alert (unions, evaluations, value added, "teacher bashing")
10/29/10: No! It's The Wrong Teacher Voice! (unions)
11/2/10: Good Reading (evaluations, value added, Rhee and DCPS, "teacher bashing")
11/9/10: Less of X... (standardized testing)
11/11/10: Paint It Black (NY schools)
11/17/10: A Clinic (accountability, reform)
11/17/10: Adding Value (value added, evaluations)
11/22/10: Chattering Confusion (charter schools, accountability, "teaching to the test")
11/24/10: Not Wired! (Valerie Strauss)
11/30/10: Dropping In On Dropouts (evaluations, accountability, "teacher bashing", reform)
12/4/10: More Teacher Voice (accountability, "teacher bashing", Stephanie Salter)
12/6/10: Rhee Invented! (Rhee and DCPS, GAO Report)
12/10/10: The Second Conversation (reform)
12/15/10: First Out On Seniority? (value added)
12/22/10: They’re Cuckoo For Cocoa Puffs! Plus An Edujob (common core standards)

1/6/11: 11 for 2011 (reform, Stephanie Salter)
1/7/11: State Of Play (DCPS, reform)
1/10/11: Housekeeping (Joel Klein, pensions)
1/10/11: *Except For Them!  Plus, What's Next? (reform, testing, international comparisons, achievement gaps, Robert J. Samuelson)
1/22/11: Tastes Great But Is It Less Filling? (Rhee and DCPS, GAO Report, reform)
1/26/11: In The Game... (Teach For America)
1/27/11: Too Good To Check, Part Deux! (WaPo, NCLB)
2/2/11: And More Live From Copley – Fairlawn Prison (Williams-Bolar, reform)
2/7/11: Double Option? (Teach For America, Valerie Strauss)
2/9/11: More Copley – Fairlawn Prison (Williams-Bolar, reform)
2/10/11: Why They Fight (Teach For America)
2/11/11: No Value-Added (Rhee, GAO Report, UMBC Report, WaPo)
2/23/11: Bears and Bulls (reform, accountability)
2/25/11: More LIFOsuction (value added, evaluations, seniority)
3/18/11: Must-Reads (reform, accountability, value added, DCPS, Rhee)
4/1/11: LIFO (Teach For America, merit pay, tenure)
4/4/11: Still Going... (KIPP, reform, accountability, school effects, peer effects)
4/14/11: The Big Lesson Of The Cathie Black Debacle? (Billionaires!)
4/22/11: Weekend Reading (Reform, motivation, Teach For America)
5/6/11: Appreciation ("teacher bashing", accountability, value added)
5/9/11: Political Maze (reform, teacher quality, poverty)
5/13/11: Duncan Dodges Cold Iron Shackles And A Ball And Chain? (Billionaires!)
5/17/11: Over Regulated? (charter schools)
5/26/11: STEM, Roots, And Strategy (STEM, teacher prep, alternative routes into teaching)
5/31/11: Good Reads (Jay Mathews, honors, expectations, student ability
6/6/11: Square This Circle (evaluations, observations, value added)
6/10/11: New TFA #s (Teach For America)
6/24/11: OK, I'll Bite! (Joel Kline, The Answer Sheet, education "debates")
6/30/11: Let's Be Careful Out There... (education "debates", "teacher bashing")
7/1/11: Clips ("teacher bashing")
7/5/11: A New Generation of Ed Reformers: What’s the Big Idea? (NYC, DCPS)
7/26/11: If dogs became kings And the Pope chewed gum  (reform, accountability, policy wishlists)
7/29/11: Going Corporate (Corporations!)
8/11/11: This Week’s TIME School Of Thought: The Renegade Upstarts (reform, unions, poverty)
8/30/11: Common Sense Last (Rhee, union-supported attack website)
9/1/11: Is The Pig F**ked? (tenure reform)
11/2/11: Ignoring Red Herrings (name calling!)
11/3/11: Second Response From Diane Ravitch (accountability, tenure, poverty, testing is racist!)
11/10/11: Too Much? Too Little? Just Right? Our Goldilocks Problem On Teacher Pay (teacher pay, reform, corporations)
11/11/11: CMOs – Are We There Yet? Guest Post By Lake & Hill (CMOs, charters, peer effects)
11/17/11: Occupy The Schools (poverty, achievement gaps, IQ and genetics, The Bell Curve, in-school factors, motivation, TFA, charters, peer effects, "teacher bashing")
11/28/11: Carey on Ravitch (amazingly astute policy proposals)
12/2/11: Edujobs (It's not a conspiracy but...)
12/21/11: Class Matters, Plus Nutmeg Action Just In Time For The Holidays! (Jaime Escalante, AP Calculus, achievement gaps, IQ and cognitive differences)
12/27/11: Resident Knowledge? (Boston Teacher Residency, STEP at UMASS, SATs, achievement gaps, IQ and cognitive differences)

1/6/12: Good Teachers Matter (value added, impacts of good teachers, poverty and policy, education reform, false dilemmas, Michael Winerip, sockpuppets)
1/19/12: Teacher Choice! (teacher quality, value added, peer effects)
1/20/12: Publish And Perish? (teacher quality, value added)

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