Monday, December 08, 2008

Gym Clowns

When I go to the gym, there are many sights to behold, as I think I've talked of before. But let's not go down that road.

Another image I often see concerns the high concentration of young dudes trotting around with bulging muscles showing through revealing, sleeveless (and sometimes "sideless", with torso wings flapping and flexing wildly about) shirts. They often are too focused on their own muscles to remember to put (any of) their free weights away when they are done with them. Case in point, the bozo today who left his station, knowing I wanted it next, with weights still a-weighing and sweat still a-dripping from the equipment.

I have a fail-safe measure to respond in my usual, passive-aggressive, I-will-stare-you-down-until-you-die, way. I picture them with a red, squeaky nose and face paint:

And Calm is issued, like a goddamn charm. (Image source)

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