Monday, September 15, 2008


I would fucking die if I had to teach math. I realized that kids are having trouble learning metric conversions because they don't understand how to use a decimal.

Me: Let's say you have the number "1", where do you write the dot/decimal/point/*any other synonym possible*?

Him: 0.1!!

Me: No.

Her: .01?

Me: No?

Him: 0.1?

Me: You just said that. Still no.

Him: Ohhhh 1.0!

Me: Yes! So how do you write it on your paper?

Him: *Writes 0.01*

Me: Wait what? No!

*5 minutes later, 50% of the class understands how to write the decimal to show that "1" is the same as "1.0"

Me: Great, now what happens if we have 43? Where do we write the decimal? Hint, write the decimal on the RIGHT SIDE of the last number.

Them: .43? .043? 0.043? 0.43? 4.3? 1.0? 7? 34?

This is not what I meant when I said I like working with numbers.

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