Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer: The End

Well, that was fun.

My summer odyssey took me to the library, the beach, and the ends of the Earth! (Assuming there are "ends," and Hong Kong was at one of said "ends").

I stepped out of the cabin of an airplane into another world. I left my first footprints here on the suspended bridge to the airport, greeted by an attendant with a smile and a nod. I noted the oppressive air of this climate, dripping with humidity, before a tide of conditioned air rushed past and formed an invisible barrier that led to a temperate zone past the bridge. There, I joined a moving mass of people toward customs, signs along the way equipped with dual languages to remind me where I was. Moving walkways brought me closer to my legal entry to Hong Kong, but I was already here, really. I flipped out my passport, grabbed my suitcase with all of the teacher stickers on it, and journeyed out the door toward a bus headed for Kowloon.

I flew to Hong Kong because I could, but I also flew there to see Toshiko, my guide to all sorts of fun and adventure.

I also did a bunch of research for my education research project, and am preparing a study that starts when school does, which is on Tuesday.

There is so much to write about that I must temper my excited planning fervor with some due credit toward writing again.

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