Friday, July 04, 2008

Summer: Day 20

Twenty days through and I feel like a new man. Less and less of the first year teacher growing pains are apparent now, overtaken by a haze while I bask in the sun of a responsibility-free summer.

The sun was good to me yesterday, actually, and I may finally be sporting color on my body. We were at the beach for hours, so it was a gift I saw coming.

At the lounge later that night, we balked at the long line. There was a shorter, more attractive line that was reserved for attractive ladies, and with bouncers busy staring at the half-clothed figures walking by, perhaps they wouldn't notice a manly man sneaking through an incorrect queue.

Until I got to the front, where the tool of a bouncer didn't believe I was 21.

Yes, that is my ID.
Yes, I lost a lot of weight.
No, my eyes are not brown.
Yes, the DMV put "BROWN" next to "EYES" when they should have written "GREEN" or "BLUE" or "GORGEOUS".
Yes, I will sign my name on a piece of paper for you.
No, I cannot replicate my signature exactly as it appears on my ID because it's been 6 years since I got my ID and I write differently.
Yes, I will show you a credit card.
Yes, I will show you another credit card.
Yes, I will show you my college ID.
Yes, I'm positive that is my ID.

After all the fanfare, a few drinks brought about another haze that I always appreciate. Good times!

I hope I can keep having a life when school starts.

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