Tuesday, December 11, 2007

1st Period

Me: What's wrong, David?

David: *Staring at his desk with his head on his arms*


"Are you having a bad day?"


"You were smiling and happy to play the game 5 minutes ago."


"Are you mad at me?"


"Well, alright. I'll come back to see if you want to play in a few minutes."

*5 minutes of game time later*

Me: "Are you feeling better David?"

David: "..."

Jenny: *Raises her hand*

"Mr. Suh-meeer, David is mad because you didn't call on him when he had the answer to your question."

David: *A shocked and embarrassed look flutters across his face*

"Jenny don't tell him!!"

My kids are adorable. They are 6-year-olds disguised as teenagers.

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