Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Career

My first day as a full-time teacher was yesterday. My day began when I drove out of my new place and followed the 10-minute path to school in the moonlight. One of the first ones on campus, I got little done except for what anxiety caused me to do, which was Facebook, until school actually started. Classes before lunch are dedicated to my English learners who are still grappling the language. Classes after lunch are full of students that like to grapple my calm, cool, and collected composure. Lunch is a happy (duty-free) medium.

Language is such a terribly divisive human element. It's the colorful backbone of so many cultures and it separates us something tragic. It makes me want to watch Babel again. That won't help me teach these kids how to be scientists that know a common language, but still, I could use a break right now.

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