Thursday, August 02, 2007

Institute: Days Thirty-One through Thirty-Three

LAUSD is funny. They block certain websites on their internet connection here to prevent goofing-off, like my gmail that I would use to look up the work I need to do right now, and allow more educational internet endeavors, like facebooking and blogging.

My kids are taking their exam now and I am nervous. Well, at first I was nervous because we bought these t-shirts, right? And they were sized XXL and when we wear them they run down to our thighs, right? And we glitter-painted various messages on them, like "Bio-B: the Summer of Sex (Chromosomes)", right? And we hoped our intent to invest them in taking the test was fulfilled with these silly shirts with glittery messages that border on inappropriate, right?

Now I'm just nervous about the exams.

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