Monday, July 23, 2007

Institute: Days Fifteen through Twenty-Three

About 8 more lessons to teach. About 8 more chances for my kids to learn something.

I would not have believed you if you told me before institute that teachers need to manage their time down to the minute to actually be effective. Now I'm writing action plans that have me allotting 11 minutes to writing this blog entry.

I am making natural selection puzzles for my students to complete tomorrow. Today I had them reading an article on Mendel's genetics laws. Next week I am going to wish them good luck as I vacate the campus forever. I hope I helped.

I miss the bay area.

We were looking at posters that teachers made to track student progress and help invest students in hard work. It looks like making and updating colorful progress trackers and posters will be my number one hobby outside of the classroom come next fall.

One of the posters was centered around the quote, we build the world with our hands and hearts. I like it. Consider it stolen, whoever you are that thought it up.

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