Saturday, June 30, 2007

Induction: Day Two

Still no Internets, but I've still got words to give:

As TFA corps members, we have a responsibility to invest students in hard work and in making significant progress toward large academic goals, but we also act as proponents of our national movement to end educational inequity. We are agents of change and of recruitment; to empower our movement and ensure that our message is heard, we explain our mission to our inquisitive friends and families, we fight bad policies for our students' rights and potential to learn in our respective schools and districts, and we set our sights on realms of influence outside of the classroom to command and conquer, all the while impressing on others a sense of dedication toward our goals and urgency to reach them.

As agents of recruitment, we progress toward our goals with intentions to spread our influence, to gather more capable hands to do our work. We expand and reform. We articulate and assimilate. We are exceedingly efficient and ever increasing our efforts. And our numbers continue to grow.

This job is totally awesome so far. Brrr, chills!

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