Friday, May 04, 2007

Roles of Technology in Education

Laptops in schools:

So the Liverpool Central School District, just outside Syracuse, has decided to phase out laptops starting this fall, joining a handful of other schools around the country that adopted one-to-one computing programs and are now abandoning them as educationally empty — and worse.

Liverpool’s turnabout comes as more and more school districts nationwide continue to bring laptops into the classroom. Federal education officials do not keep track of how many schools have such programs, but two educational consultants, Hayes Connection and the Greaves Group, conducted a study of the nation’s 2,500 largest school districts last year and found that a quarter of the 1,000 respondents already had one-to-one computing, and fully half expected to by 2011.

Read the article. The arguments for and against loaning laptops to students both have their merits, although I'm slightly confused why so many students are able to cheat on exams by using their laptops.

It's a friggin' test. "Put your laptops away until the end of class." Is that so hard?

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