Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Different Perspective #1

With hopes of livening up some of my recent material and presenting issues of diversity in another form, I've started a new segment of this blog I'll tentatively call "A Different Perspective". YouTube and video blogging (or vlogs) offer us great sources of entertainment and perpetual procrastination breaks, however there is a wealth of material out there that needs to be discovered just for its insight and educational value.

Many of such videos feature folks simply conversing one-on-one with the camera, detailing aspects of their lives in ways that are personal and unique to them. Sometimes folks describe what values they possess and how their respective communities have impacted them. Sometimes folks define the hardships in their lives and how they have overcome. A single voice from a different perspective, while not representative of an entire group, can offer valuable understanding of an unfamiliar part of society, and expose viewers to issues and topics that hitherto they've not experienced.

Our first video is an interview with deaf gymnast Aimee Walker Pond, who discusses her introduction to gymnastics and the hearing world.

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