Monday, April 16, 2007

Decal Free Write #2

With less than a month of actual instruction, the 60 post minimum for my Decal looms ominously in the approaching horizon, eating babies and what not. Here's some free writing I did in class, where we made up the rest after the first line:

A man walks into a laundromat with a dog named Jesus. Actually, the dog's real name was always "Spot", that is, up until that fateful accident at the old oil refinery a few years back that almost claimed the man's life. Since his brush with death and subsequent accidental saving by a random, well-placed defecation by "Spot", the nearby neighborhood stray that lost his way and found himself in quite an oily situation, the man had seen the light, as some might say. Or, rather, he lost his mind, as many more would say.

Inside the laundromat, the man holds Jesus tightly, the dog rolled in white linens and a few dirty socks. The two of them stood before a lone washing machine, empty inside but covered with freshly uprooted flowers on top. The man's robe was also pure and white, but in the long walk to the laundromat it frequently fluttered upward and exposed much of his purity to passing cars and laughing children. 'Heathens', he thought, as he quickened his pace down the middle of the road, amidst honking cars.

Standing before his makeshift altar, the man quietly whispers lines from a few random pages of the Bible he memorized the day before. 'The ritual begins now', the man then asserts, inching his way to the washing machine. Jesus barks only once, and hides in the linens whimpering.

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