Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UCLA Visit

Other than one particular interview with a professor, my UCLA visit went well. I blame anything other than myself for the following transcript of some of the conversation had during our one-on-one:

Prof: Draw the structures in your project that you're referring to.
Me: Oh, ah, sure... *pencil stutter*
Prof: *waits*
Me: *pencil stutter*
Prof: *waits*
Me: Ahh...
Prof: *looks at paper, then at me, then at pencil*
Me: ...*pencil stutter*
Prof: *picks nose*
Me: *draws a particular rendition of structures*
Prof: Really?
Me: ...*pencil stutter*


Prof: So how many DNA molecules are in a human cell?
Me: Umm... millions?
Prof: ...What?
Me: I mean, uhh, billions?
Prof: ...*narrows eyes and motions to floor*
Me: Oh... ahh... 100,000?
Prof: Oh for fuck's sake it's 46.


Prof: Do you know [insert any scientific topic here]?
Me: No! *cries and waves white flag*

For the most part I liked the visit and did well, despite the painful encounter above. I met a couple really nice professors that are doing some fascinating work, and I'm growing fond of the campus and the city. We'll see what happens!

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