Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Something's Rotten in the State of Cal

ASUC election seasons are not an acquired taste. Having gone through 3 in the past, I'm not exactly squealing with delight to be dragged into another. There's always a vile scent of deception that overwhelms the senses throughout the month of April. Sure, maybe it's partly due to the curious soaking wet remnants of Telegraph, but it's mostly the ASUC campaigns.

Another month of deception. Deceiving hall staff by sneaking materials into the residence halls. Deceiving passing students walking to class with campaign literature that skews reality. Deceiving all of us even through Facebook, a testament to their alignment with Satan himself, no doubt. C'mon future political leaders, by what standards are we judging our friends when we have 1000+ 'friends' on the Facebook 2 years into our college experience?

Don't get me started, Presidential Candidate #1 and others like you.

To know the names of other phonies that will be representing the student body next year, check out Beetle's candidate list.

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