Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Plea from our Lecture Notes Service

I like transcribed notes. I like them and I like the option to use them as a study aid. I like them so much I'd like to see them continued next semester even when I'm not in Berkeley to benefit:

Dear Subscribers,

Thank you very much for subscribing to ASUC Lecture Notes Online, formerly Black Lightning. We appreciate your purchase and thank you for not sharing your subscription. Note taking will definitely continue in this course through the remainder of the semester.

We have not, however, reached the number of subscriptions needed in this course. We need more and desperately need your help in getting the word out about how great our notes are. The note taker in this course is doing a fantastic job of producing high quality notes each lecture, and our editing team is delivering them consistently to you, our subscribers, by 5 pm the day after lecture.

This ASUC non-profit business does not make money and merely is required to break even each semester. We're not there yet for Spring Semester '07. Each additional subscription we get brings us closer to that goal, and keeps us from going out of business.

Additional subscriptions mean:

- We can take notes in MORE classes next semester.
- We can improve our web site, which was built in 2000 and has many flaws and needs
to be upgraded.
- We can provide more good-paying jobs to Cal students, both graduate and

To help us out you can do the following:

1. Please tell your friends about our great service
2. Direct them to our website,
3. Purchase archived notes (there's a list on the site and these are a great study
aid for other classes)
4. Please don't share your subscription.

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