Thursday, February 01, 2007

A New Generation

The Online NewsHour has an interesting report on my generation's entrance into the workplace (video and transcript available):

STAN SMITH, Next Generation Initiatives, Deloitte: Basically, it's baby boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. And the differences, I think, are well-known in some cases.

I put it this way: The baby boomers are "work, work, work." It's a very important part of their live. Gen X is "work, work, I want to work some more, let's talk about it." And Gen Y is "work, work, you want me to work even more? How lame. I think I'll I.M. my friends and tell them how lame you are, asking me to work even more."

On the one hand, we do have a heightened sense of entitlement that demands flexible schedules, early rewards, and a freedom for creativity from our employers. However, we feel we deserve these because of our vaulting ambition to succeed. We're constantly pushing boundaries and thinking outside of the box. Bosses would do well to give us what we want in exchange for our devoted service (while we multi-task and text message our friends about that one party where we drank too much).

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