Monday, December 04, 2006

Mind Controlling Fungi!

Here's a short clip testifying to the haunting nature of Nature itself. Much like the checks and balances used within an ideal democracy, Nature has its own ways of preventing any one species from gaining absolute power. Mind-controlling fungi just happen to be one of them.

These ants are showing some worrying symptoms.... Spores have infiltrated their bodies and their minds. Its infected brain directs this ant upwards, then utterly disoriented, it grips a stem with its mandibles.... Like something out of science-fiction, the fungus erupts from the ant's head. It can take 3 weeks to grow, and when finished, the deadly spores will burst from its tip, and any ant in the vicinity will be in serious risk of death. The fungus is so virulent, it can wipe out whole colonies.

It's not necessarily that far-fetched to suggest that, given our own species's domination of this earth, perhaps there will one day evolve a fungus that targets our own neurological systems, dictating our last moments of life in an effort to get our puppet-like bodies as close to concentrated areas of the populace as possible, while this growing parasite consumes our insides and propels its own species forward.

I'm not eating mushrooms for a month.

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