Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Clog and the Taser Protest

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So the Clog notes that Berkeley is throwing its own protest of the taser incident at UCLA tomorrow (Monday) at noon. They've jokingly asked counter protestors to make their voices heard, and are looking forward to seeing what's on their signs.

It's a tad bit childish of the Clog to be backing one side of this issue, to be chiding the opposition, and to not allow or respond to any feedback or alternative viewpoints they may (did) have received or found on the matter. This has been a good topic of conversation in many blogs and facebook groups, but I suppose the Clog is too highbrow to be bogged down with discussion, no?

And I've got a few counterprotest slogans to list here -- anyone have more?

"I am a Student! Rules do not apply to me!"

"Tasering is so, kinda, sorta, almost against the law!"

"Civil Disobedience: saying 'La La I Can't Hear You' to police"

"YES I've got an ID / NO you can't see it"


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