Saturday, October 14, 2006


Listed here are my past entries on the topic of Diversity:

(*NOTE: per the new blogger Labels feature in January 2007, this entry will not be further updated but will instead be transferred over to the Diversity and Social Justice sections)

Take Note of Black Lightning, DSP (January 20th 2007)

A Noose in the Workplace (January 5th 2007)

Racism? In America? (December 12th 2006)

Daily Effects of White Privilege (October 30th 2006)

Leaders and Language Use (September 10th 2006)

Dominant and Subordinated Groups (August 26th 2006)

Retreat 1 of 1 (August 16th 2006)

MTV and 'social satire' (August 11th 2006)

HST: Race (August 8th 2006)

Hall Staff Training I (August 8th 2006)

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