Monday, July 17, 2006

The next dimension... and then some

As an exciting new beginning to my long-term residency on the internet, I've started up this sparkling new "web log" as an outlet to organize my thoughts and, maybe, express them.

As for the fancy title: the term "catalytic triad" describes the mechanism in which a large protein, an enzyme called chymotrypsin, can catalyze the cleavage of parts of other proteins, normally for digestive purposes. The area of the enzyme that does the bulk of the work, or the active site, has 3 separate functional parts that are arranged in space to interact together to cut a protein along certain sites. Without these 3 perfectly arranged in proximity, the enzyme loses its function, and its purpose in a living organism.

The idea of 3 parts working in concert to promote change in the system is one that best describes my motivation to begin writing here: together, science, education, and progressive policy will most effectively promote the formation of a technologically-sound, socially-just, free-thinking society, one that isn't afraid to address questions of where we came from, nor one that acts myopically in its treatment of different cultures and norms. Just as with the enzyme, if any one of these ideas is absent from our collective thoughts, there can be no forward progress. To put it chemically: We need to catalyze the change we wish to see in this world.

Aside from a passion for human progress and knowledge, I like to waste time on the internet (who doesn't?). I'm sure this aim will also be forwarded frequently amidst my entries, as is the case for this one:

How many dimensions are you experiencing currently (assuming no drug use, and that you're relatively sane)? Can you imagine life in several additional dimensions? What about the big 1-0? The Tenth Dimension has a mind-bending flash movie on imagining such a concept. Whoa.

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